Back in action, with a few changes

Hi there!

I’m producing this week’s show right now, so it should be up within the hour. We’ve got great shows lined up for the rest of the regular season, and we should get some good ones for the playoffs, too.

Part of the trouble I’ve had with the Who Dat Report is finding a way to fill 45-60 minutes each week, as my goal was to produce an hour-long show. Well, between this show, the NFC South Report, and my writing for [Canal Street Chronicles][2], that takes more time than I have.

So, going forward, I will let the length of the interviews determine the length of the shows. Some shows will be a half hour or so, others will be over an hour. I’ll occasionally still have things like 3 Facts and Trivia (after all, I did write theme songs for them!), but they’ll be a bit more rare.

Thanks for your patience. I’m trying to build a show for the long run, which means I need to constantly improve the process.

Go Saints!

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