Who Dat Report on WVUE Fox 8. Plus, other news.

My family and I were at the [Black & Gold Sports Shop][1] yesterday for some post-Christmas shopping, and the folks from WVUE were there filming a story. Lucky for me, they interviewed my dad, my sister, and I, and we all got a little bit of airtime! You can check out the video below. My dad is the guy with the Saints hat on, talking about how they need to come home. My sisters is the youngish (just kidding’happy birthday, Erin!) woman talking about how the Saints need to score a lot of touchdowns, and I’m the guy whose name they misspell as Stewart.

Anyway, that’s kind of fun.

You may have noticed there was no show before the Falcons game. Sorry about that: Skype was down for much of last week, and without Skype, I can’t record a show. So, we’re stuck without a chance to talk to our friend Adam Schultz about tonight’s game. That’s too bad, but part of the business, I suppose. We’ll be back this week to preview the Bucs game and (hopefully) the playoffs.

Go Saints!

[1]: http://www.blackandgoldsports.com/saints/