How the Saints can earn homefield advantage

Based on my server logs, a few people want to know how the Saints can get homefield advantage. The scenario isn’t that complicated, but the chances are slim.

To get homefield advantage, the Saints need two things to happen:

(1) The Saints need to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today, and

(2) The Carolina Panthers need to beat the Atlanta Falcons.

That’s it. If those two things happen, the Saints will get the #1 seed, a bye next week, and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. If either or both of those things don’t happen, then the Saints will get the #5 seed, will travel to the winner of tonight’s Seattle-St. Louis game in round 1, and will probably play all of their playoff games on the road. The final scores don’t matter, and none of the other games matter, either.

For my take on the odds of the Saints earning homefield advantage, see this week’s [4th and Geaux][1].