Who Dat Report Playoff Podtacular Part1


Running time: approximately 50 minutes

I’ve got a 2-part podcast to get ready for the Saints’ first playoff game, and this is part 1. My guests in part 1 are Dave Cariello, proprietor of Canal Street Chronicles, and Ralph Malbrough of WWLTV.com.

You can find Dave’s writing at Canal Street Chronicles or follow Dave on Twitter at @CSCTweet.

You can find Ralph’s work at WWLTV.com. You can also listen to Ralph’s podcast (which usually features Dave, as well) over at [Blog Talk Radio][4].

As always, thanks for listening. If you enjoyed the show, please consider supporting it financially by going to http://www.whodatreport.com/support. Each episode takes a lot of time to produce, and your contributions help keep me going.

[4]: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/forecastradio