Super Bowl Prediction

Well, I guess I’m supposed to make a Super Bowl prediction. This will likely be a close game, as the advanced stats suggest. Advanced NFL Stats has this as (essentially) a 50-50 matchup. Football Outsiders says the Packers are slight favorites. Pro Football Reference’s SRS has the Packers as a slight favorite.

In last week’s NFC South Report, I picked the Steelers to win in a close one. However, that was before Pouncey was ruled out, which is a significant difference. I think the Steelers’ banged up offensive line will probably make the difference, so I’ll reverse what I said in last week’s NFC South Report and pick the Packers to win. This could be a great game, though, which would be nice.

Of course, nothing will top last year’s game :)

Last week, some website called SeatGeek asked me for a prediction as part of a roundup/contest they’re having. You can check out my prediction over there. I picked the Steelers (again, this was before the Pouncey situation), so I guess I can claim I was right no matter who wins. Not bad, eh?

The kind folks at SeatGeek asked me to post the following to be part of the contest:

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So, there’s that.