With the lockout over and the offseason compressed into the next several weeks, the biggest question about the Saints is what they’ll do with Reggie Bush. Of course, the only reason that this is a big question is because he’s a big star. What the Saints will do, what they should do, is obvious: cut him.

Reggie Bush’s current contract will count about $16 million toward next year’s salary cap. The Saints have 29 free agents right now, including Roman Harper, Carl Nicks, Lance Moore, and less than $12 million of salary cap space to resign them. The best move is to let Reggie go, save about $12.5 million in cap space, ¬†and use that money to try to keep the team competitive for the last few years of Drew Brees’ prime. Running backs are relatively easy to find, and there’s no reason to spend top dollar on one. Harsh, but true.

While it’s possible that Reginald might restructure his contract before the Saints cut him, I doubt it. If I were Bush, I’d try to see what I could get elsewhere, and perhaps give the Saints an unofficial chance to match the offer if I really wanted to play for Sean Payton. Reggie’s won a Super Bowl with the Saints, but hasn’t exactly had a stellar career. It’s probably time to move on.