I have no idea what this means

This [headline is stupid][1], even for NOLA.com:

New Orleans Saints even their record to .500 in first three days of free agency

Ignoring the nonsense of the “sign one for a win, lose one for a loss” implied by this headline*, I’m not sure how signing Keenan Lewis and Justin Drescher while losing Chase Daniel, Jermon Bushrod, and Jonathan Casillas equates to a 0.500 record. Hopefully this isn’t a “Top Post”.

*_I guess you get a win for every free agent you sign and a loss for every one of yours someone else signs? Sweet: if the Saints cut Drew Brees and use the savings to sign 5 players, they could win free agency!?!1??!!!!


[1]: http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2013/03/new_orleans_saints_even_their.html