2014 defensive cost-efficiency

Here’s a scatterplot comparing 2014 defensive expenditures to defensive DVOA. Remember that a lower defensive DVOA is better, so the lower-left quadrant is the most cost-efficient part of this graph. I (somewhat arbitrarily) highlighted the most efficient and least efficient teams.

Looking at this graph, Carolina’s defense was probably the most efficient in the league in terms of production per dollar, probably thanks to young, cheap talent like Luke Kuechly. As for the Saints, they spent a bit above average and were a bit above average, about like you’d expect.

Also notable: how much better Seattle was than the rest of the league, presumably because they are a bunch of cheating cheaters.

DVOA data from Football Outsiders and salary data from The Guardian.


[3]: http://www.whodatreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/defdvoa.jpg