The Sins of the New Orleans Saints

Nice Saints analysis from [Robert Mays at Grantland:][1].

The Saints’ status as a preseason favorite was based, at least in part, on how much better they were playing defense. Even if they do start to figure things out, they aren’t likely to be anywhere near what many (hi again) predicted this summer. The chance to have a top-10 unit has vanished into the French Quarter on a Friday night. The question now is whether they can piece something together that takes Ryan’s group from abhorrent to slightly below average. If they can’t, the outlook might be a lot bleaker than simply missing the playoffs.

I figured the defense would be worse. There was almost no way it wouldn’t. But I wasn’t ready for the Defensepocalyptic Defensaster Scenario™ that we’ve had thus far. The biggest concern is that the Saints are (rightfully) in win-now mode, sacrificing future cap flexibility to extend the Payton-Brees window. It’s gonna get real ugly in a few years.