For those times when I forget that some people can’t hear the voices in my head, here’s a glossary of common terms you might read on this site or hear in the podcast. Updated as I see fit.

aYPA: Adjusted Yards Per Attempt. aYPA is the offensive efficiency statistic that I calculate after each Saints game. aYPA is different from the traditional Yards Per Attempt (YPA) metric in two ways: (1) it accounts for interceptions by subtracting 60 yards for each interception; and (2) it counts sacks as passing attempts and yards lost on sacks as negative passing yards.

So, to calculate aYPA, you subtract 60 from the QB’s total yards for each interception and subtract the sack yardage lost to get the adjusted yards. You then add the number of sacks to the number of passing attempts to get the adjusted attempts. Finally, divide adjusted yards by adjusted attempts and you have aYPA. For those who prefer formulas:

aYPA = [Passing yards – sack yards -(60 * # of INTs)]/(attempts + # of sacks)

Why do I calculate aYPA? Because it’s a great measure of offensive efficiency that has a direct correlation to winning. Simply put, teams with higher aYPA tend to win more games. And, unlike passer rating (which also is well-correlated with winning), it’s pretty easy to interpret.

Balls: Former Saints tailback (and poor chooser of cleats) Mike Bell. We nicknamed him Balls during his only season as a Saint because he took a shot in his groinular region while not wearing appropriate protection.

Brew Drees: Our quarterback, Drew Brees. Since I’m always accidentally screwing up Brew’s name, I’ve decided to just re-christen him Brew Drees. Besides, if Atlanta has “Matty Ice”, we surely need something better. In fact, shouldn’t the folks at [Abita][1] make a special Brew?

Reginald: Reggie Bush, of course. Don’t ask how this one started, it’s a long story.